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April 11th, 2013

Theodor Thanner, general manager of the Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde
“Lawyer Novak works very professional, effective and is very capable. Big thanks for the support and great cooperation.”

Stefan Petzner
“I am counting on the legal representation by Meinhard Novak, not only because he is an excellent jurist with international experience but also because he has the features that make a great and successful lawyer: strategic and tactical skills, a good and varied network of people and the right intuition for people.”

Manfred Skoff, manager of a social psychiatric institution in Vienna (Fa. REiNTEGRA GmbH)
“During a very incriminating situation – victim of a libel – Dr. Autischer (Gaisberg-Consulting) recommended the lawyer Novak. A genius team! Characterized by a high level of expertise, flexibility, spontaneity and a huge portion of humanity – Dr. Novak would make a great psychologist and/or therapist -, Dr. Novak stopped his physical training immediately after he got informed and focused right on my situation. Dr. Novak calmed me down and gave me a great safety in a very sympathetic, humorous, analytical and creative way. He therefore ended my sleepless nights. He recovered me with his experience and humanity so it was easier for me to explain myself for the libel at the prosecution. The procedure is set by now. I will recommend you Dr. Novak, to everyone. One last thing I need to say: I had the best espresso in his office. An insider tip for caffeine fans! Unfortunately, we needed only one session in his office.”

Rebecca Summereder, interpreter student and Johanna Summereder-Lacroix, Musician
“Elke Novak Rabenseifner was always very attentive, capable and objective during the (very human) consulting and hearings. Even after the conclusion of the proceedings she was available for questions – that showed me a high devotedness for her clients. Thank you so much for your qualified support!”

Karl Posch, Blockhausheuriger
„Through the recommendation of an acquaintance I stumbled upon your law office and I am very glad I got to work with you. It’s not just your high level of professional competence it is also your personality and the way you work yourself into cases very quickly that impressed me.

Once again thank you so much for your support. I hope we stay in contact.”

Altersberger Rudolf,  Landesschulratspräsident für Kärnten
„Short talk, effective consulting, sense of achievement” those are the three categories that I experienced during the pleasant cooperation with Dr. Meinhard Novak in Klagenfurt.

Jörg Riedl, Investor
To understand and analyse a legal problem so quickly and to find a solution that is not only smart and target-aimed but also considers the pragmatic and economic aspects of the clients I only experienced with the couple Novak so far. Thank you and to a hopefully great further cooperation.

Yours, Jörg Riedl”

Daniel Kapp, Strategic Consulting and Responsible Communication
“Meinhard Novak und Elke Novak-Rabenseifner: As lawyers as much capable and reliable as pragmatic and target-aimed. Ideally situated in a flexible and individually way for my expectations as a client. As humans, highly upright. Both enjoy my full confidence. ”

Mag. Kathi Tragauer, VULCASCOT
In times of increasing globalization and decreasing care for personal contacts, it’s nice to work with a lawyer who kept his personality, because how can you work for people if you don’t work with them. I would therefore – although our cooperation was not too long – thank you for your humanity and I will continue to contact your law firm.

Wolfgang Neuhaus, MBA – GF König & Neuhaus GmbH
A wise man once said: „Business has to be done in spite of lawyers not by using lawyers!”

Mag. Elke Novak-Rabenseifner with her detailed, quick and efficient way of working is the best proof that there is another way!

Dr. Wolfgang Unterhuber, editor-in-chief „Wirtschaftsblatt AG“
„Dr. Meinhard Novak is definitely one of the most profound business lawyers in Austria. He impressively proved so in various commentaries for „Wirtschaftsblatt“. Dr. Novak’s expertises are of high value for our readers, because Dr. Novak knows how to explain complicated legal issues in a simple manner.“

Michael Fink
“500 B.C. Sun-Tsu, an old Chinese, stated, that every battle is won before it even begins. It is obvious that this general could not have known Meinhard Novak. However: In most cases one doesn’t even have to go to court, and if so, only for a short period of time.“

Hannes Missethon, Art of reconciliation GmbH
For my company and myself, the „Novaks“ have become important companions. Refreshingly unconvential, professionally skilled, internationally thinking and solution-oriented.

Dkfm. Helmut Zoidl
Beware! One easily gets used to Meinhard Novak, but one will never have him for only oneself. I’m deeply thankful.”

Ronald Gratzer, Gratzer Technologies
“Dear Dr. Novak,
In my view, your legal expertise, your professional demeanour and your approachability are the most important criteria for our excellent cooperation. You and your team understand perfectly how to adjust our legal activities to our business goals.
Thank you very much,
Roland Gratzer“

Sabine Pröglhof-Karner
“I feel perfectly represented by you and your team due to your efficiency and rapidity. Additionally, I value your professional expertise and your considerate and humane advising.

Dr. Marc Kaddoura
„One aspect of creativity is, out of many, to get to the bottom of things and to combine them. This is one of Meinhard Novak’s strenghts.“

Siegfried M. Wollte, Wollte@Hotel
„I would love to take you up on the invitation to share my experiences with your law firm: Dear Meinhard, I value your calmness that results out of your vast experience, and your ability to grasp the essence of complex legal matters. I enjoyed seeing you and your wife in a „Good-Guy-Bad-Guy-Act“. It’s easy to trust you. As a result, we have a partnership that is characterized by an open-mindedness and mutual appreciation. Remain loyal to me – I will gladly continue to be loyal to you!“

Matthieu Juery, General Manager British American Tobacco
“One expects Dr. Novak to be highly competent. And he is. It is a pleasant surprise that he uses his knowledge and his first-class consulation with full dedication in a very uncomplicated manner, pragmatic, but still extremely precise and with potential for creative and unconventional solutions. What makes him unique and very enjoyable to work with is his high degree of professionalism, his reliability, his humane « finesse «, his cultural and international knowledge as well as his humour.

Mag. Josef Ischepp, Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer
„Dear Dr. Novak,
I would like to seize the opportunity and thank you for your excellent legal representation. Your problem-oriented approach, paired with excellent legal skills, showed me that I made the right decision in choosing you respectively your law firm as my legal adviser. I will recommend you as an careful legal adviser.“

Delegate to the state parliament Herwig Seiser
„The most suitable description for Mr. Novak would be to call him an „homme orchestre“. He knows all aspects of the legal profession. This is a rare case in a profession where more an more lawyers are experts in only one field of law. Mr. Novak is a brilliant networker.“

Kommerzialrat Jürgen Auer, ABC- Auer Business Consulting
„Mr. Novak has built up a reputation for himself as a successful lawyer. His fields of work are business law, competition law and general civil law. His international experience covers a wide spectrum because of his professional stays abroad.“

His Lordship Richard Lascelles
“In all my dealings with Meinhard Novak I found him to be highly effective and efficient lawyer. Moreover, he also had a most agreeable manner and was very patient in explaining to a non German speaker the intricacies of Austrian law.”

Norbert Gang, Daleno GmbH
Dear Mr. Novak, you asked me to share my views on our cooperation with your law firm. What I noticed and liked about working with you is your direkt approach to a certain topic without stereotyping. In addition, I liked your rapid tackling of the legal matter. In other words: I felt in good hands when being advised by your law firm.“

Dr. Johannes Abentung, head of the Austrian Farmers’ Union
“The law form Novak is an unconventional law form that offers unconventional solutions for difficult problems.“

Alexander Pelzl
“For every (legal) question Mr. Novak has an unconventional answer to offer – that is what makes him unique. He is highly solution-oriented and every unnecessary aspects gets excluded by his stringent argumentation. Sometimes a judge isn’t even necessary anymore. As a result, he rapidly and efficiently achieves the desired success for his clients. His counselling is excellent!

Dr. Elisabeth Kreimel, doctor
„Dr. Novak commands over vast professional experience and additional foreign language skills. That is why he is well-oriented in Austrian and international law. In addition, Mr. Novak is a precise reader, observer and listener. He doesn’t oversee any detail that could influence legal success. I found him to be highly professional and correct – and constantly connected to reality.

Dr. Fritz Pfister, tax consultant
“I immediately noticed your article while reading the newspaper „Wirtschaftsblatt“ in the morning. The judicial independence – which should be a given in a democracy- needs, as you point out in your article, a reform. I am certain, that the rest of the Austrian population shares your opinion considering the latest events in Austria.“

Michaela Ernst, editor-in-chief for “weekend Magazin”
In addition to his undisputed professional expertise, Mr. Novak is able to put himself in somebody else’s shoes and therefore offers more efficient and rapid solutions. I found him to be a lawyer who shows way more professional effort than necessary. In difficult situations, he’s not only an advisor and an „illuminator“, but a combative supporter.

Dr. Günter Jasch
In an unpleasant situation, cooperating with Mr. Novak was a pleasant experince. We quickly found a solution without bringing an action. For lawyers, this doesn’t seem to be the most profitable solution, but in the long run, it’s the best one.

Mag. Bernhard Fasching, CEO Standard Life Group/Austria
„Novak’s aim is not to bring in charges. Finding solutions is his most important goal.“

Mag. Christian Domany
“Meinhard Novak is not only an extraordinary lawyer, but also a solution-oriented advisor, who, besides seeing legal delicacies, keeps the bigger picture in mind. His at times emotional approach opens up unconventional solutions- to the advantage of his clients. He is reachable and ready for action at all times –  always acting with a touch of humour.

Mag. Martin Huber, GF IMC Immobilien Management Consulting GmbH
„Meinhard Novak: Unconventional, intelligent, not always easy to deal with, but highly solution-oriented!“

Georg Pommer, CEO Robin Hood Aviation GmbH
“Though being a lawyer who thoroughly weeds out his potential client base, if chosen Dr. Novak will, with great conviction and motivation, fight for his client tooth and nail.  Because of his profound knowledge of the legal material relevant to the case, Dr. Novak is able to exercise a creative prowess of problem solving – the target, aided through his keen insight, defined at all times. Dr. Novak – in line with your juristic business.”

Mag. Franz Pisec, PISEC GmbH
“Mr. Novak is reachable at all ties and commands over a lot of economic knowledge. Mr. Novak signifies good legal consulting and often atypical solutions. He’s well-informed about every single case. I fell represented by Mr. Novak.“

Dr. Christian Moser, Geschäftsführer mc media consult gmbh:
„When there’s no way forward, Mr. Novak finds a solution for you.”

Mag. Hubert Jeneral, GF PPV Consulting
Mr. Novak immediately puts himself to work and postpones nothing.”

Hofrat Dr. Ernst Kreimel, former Chairman of the Senate for Legal Remedies of the Commercial Court Vienna
„Commendable effort to understand the client and his concerns and providinf helpful support.”

Dr. Günther Kräuter, federal whip SPÖ
„During my 17 years of experience as a politician, I got to know the work of many lawyers. Meinhard Novak is different: He tries to put himself into his clients’ situation and acts as if it was his personal matter: Creatively, with profound knowledge, and as a big-hearted fighter.”

Willi Doerflinger, Deputy Associate DMB – GMBH
„Mr. Novak has a strong personality and is highly competent is legal and social matters. What especially impresses me is his personal commitment to the cases.

Ing. Klaus Bartelmuss, CEO IBS Austria GmbH
„Meinhard Novak not only commands over a sharp perception, but he is also quick and uncomplicated when it comes to implementing our goals. He’s reachable at all times. In addition, he’s extremely precise and knows how to break down complicated legal tasks in a simple manner.“

Rudolf Mikula, member of the board of directors, Erste Bank Private Banking
“Mr. Novak is a rare mixture out of high professional competence, straightforwardness and high reliability. His former profession as a judge, as well as his work at the district attorney’s office and the State Financial Procurator’s Office enable him to find multidimensional ways for the solution of complicated cases.

Brigitte Wolfsgruber
“…. strong character, professional and efficient, very impressive, reliable, supportive, open-minded and above all extremely personable …….
”Dr. Novak, who else? There are a lot of lawyers, but there’s only one Dr. Novak – there’s nothing more to add“

Mag. Lieselotte Schöll, Telekom Austria AG, Legal Department
“A jurist, who is nothing more than a jurist, is a poor thing.“ Meinhard Novak is more than a jurist. I found him to be competent and considerate. Moreover, he deals with legal questions in an extensive manner and tries to find solutions from untypical perspectives –  ultimately leading to success.“

Mag. Dr. Monika Stief MBL-HSG, Legal Department – „NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding“
Many legal procedures are so multilayered that they can’t be pigeon-holed“. Dr. Meinhard Novak takes over the task of solving problems – strategically, creatively, unerringly, realiably  – according to the principle: „Every client is my only client.“

Gabor Makkos, CEO British American Tobacco BAT Austria
„Dr. Novak unites competence, efficiency, decisiveness, dedication and strategic thinking. Moreover, he is an uncomplicated and open-minded human being. He makes one feel as if „one’s own business is also his business“. As a result, my success is his success.“

Prof. Dkfm. Heinz Christ, Abt.Direktor i.R. der GiroCredit AG / Erste Bank AG, consultant for municipal matters
„Dr. Novak stands out due to his former work as a judge and state prosecutor, his experience in other law firms and as a lecturer, but most of all, due to his versatility and innovative strength.“

Cyber Franky
„Laws and regulations come and go – Dr. Novak stays on my side.“

Ing. Martin Georg Kurschel, owner of the company group Kurschel
„My business friend Meinhard Novak commands over excellent mediative skills and legal expertise. My personal friend Meinhard Novak is extremely loyal and humane.”

Dr. Helmut Rieder, CEO and maiority shareholder of EFKON AG
“I know not what course others may take; but as for me give me Novak or give me Death!”

Rudi Holdhaus, artist
“Art is the most humane way …Novak’s got brains!”

Thomas Rottleutner, Musiker alias “Das Baritonmonster”
“You should have become a musician, I am glad that you did not!!!
Your talent to behave in exactly the right way respectively to say exactly the right thing in hairy situations was already legendary during our years in school. You have even surpassed your former self, respect. Saturday before midday, right before a shower, psychotherapy for panicking jazz musician on the phone! Thank you. U ARE THE ONE.”

DDr. Karl Gollegger, VERBUND – Austrian Power Sales GmbH
“Verbund offers clean energy for a fair price. Dr. Novak offers solid juridical solutions at fair terms. He is curious, objective, reliable, active and competent. Our business relation is simple: Novak suits our company philosphy.”

Gerold Frischmann, Managing Partner at FFP Frischmann Finanz- und Partner GmbH
“By our special invitation, Dr. Novak spoke on the topic of Meinl European Land and the current state of the proceedings in front of about 50 people in August 2008. Dr. Novak talked about the existing legal options. We thank him and congratulate him on this informative presentation in the interest of our investors. Thanks to you, Dr. Novak, they now know exactly what could be done for them regarding Meinl. We hope that, with your support, we can retrieve the lost investments from Meinl.”